Hello everyone,  welcome to my blog.

Let me introduce myself a lil bit.
I’m a girly girl at heart an like to look like a princess sometimes... i mean who doesn’t... i like to ooze the class and enjoy myself at the same time. I do enjoy my drinks sometimes and vanilla vodka and Jack Daniels being my preferred choice I like to get out and about and see new things and places. I like good nights out and cosy nights in. I Love travelling. White wine. Lipsy. Monsoon la senza. Lindt chocolate. yankee candles. tropical fish and animals. I love humour and stand up comedy. Russell brand being my fave along with all the regulars. 

I like movies and music and music wise is a bit of everything depending on the mood. Anything from deadmau5 and linkin park to Rihanna and lady Gaga so really is a bit of everything. With films and movies I like actions Phschological thrillers and comedies. I will watch anything with a good story line. 

I can cook and have not killed anyone yet. And I also like to bake cakes for a bit of fun.  That's all for today, see you all next tiem.


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    December 2013